R U S T I C- W E D D I N G- I N V I T E S

So I have had a lot of comments about my wedding invites & I know that when I was designing and making them, I looked at lots of Pinterest posts and blogs to get inspiration and tips.

Please note I have made a dummy copy for photo purposes with different names (not sure where on earth they came from, maybe they can be our new alter egos lol…)

I am having a barn wedding & the best way I can describe the theme is Relaxed, Rustic, and Romantic. I wanted my invites to reflect this.I knew I wanted to make them myself, firstly because I knew it would be cheaper on a smaller budget, but also because I enjoy being creative and I want every aspect of the wedding to be very personal.

  1. Purchase your materials: My husband to be will tell you, for some reason I am obsessed with the shop The Range! & they actually came up trumps when it came to sourcing my materials. I didn’t want to buy A4 card and cut it, basically because I know I cant cut straight and would not be happy if they looked wonky! Instead I found pre-cut card from the Range. I wanted mine to be like ‘postcards’ i.e. not folded. This is harder to find, but here is the card I used: The Range KraftStax 5 by 7 blank post cards

I also brought some spray glue from the Range which turned out to be ideal for sticking the paper doilies on: Crafters Companion Stick And Stay Glue Image result for Crafters Companion Stick And Stay

For the other bits I used my old faithfuls, Ebay and Amazon:

White Paper Doilies


I found that doilies were almost non existent in the shops, but as always, available on eBay. This is not the exact listing, but these are the same doilies. It is always worth shopping around on eBay to see if you can get them any cheaper. Be mindful of the size so that they will fit on the top of your invite, but not be too big.

For the envelopes I used Amazon, as I just couldn’t see the right size in the shops. These were a really good price too.

White 5 by 7 Envelopes

50 7" x 5" White Envelopes for Greetings Cards 184mm x 133mm FREE POST - 100gsm Premium Thickness

2. Start your design: I have to admit I spent a ridiculous amount of time designing my cards; choosing the fonts, changing my mind, positioning and re-positioning text! However if you have a long engagement like me, you can afford to spend this time sat at the laptop, especially if you enjoy it. To design ours, I used good old Publisher. I made a custom sized document so that I knew it would print correctly on the card. To do this, open Publisher, and go to “More blank page sizes” and under “custom”, “create new page size”. Make this 5 by 7, and voila you’re ready to start.

3. Texts and fonts: If you’re not keen on any of the regular fonts that come with Publisher, then download a new one (or two). There are loads of great websites for free fonts; I used: I wanted two different fonts, and wanted to be in-keeping with the vintagey, rustic theme, so I went for:

Bohemian Typewriter Font


and Angeline Vintage Font



I will add a few more of my favourites in a separate blog post (there’s so many good ones!). To download all you do is click “download”. Then go into your downloads folder, and find the font – it will be a”zipped” folder. “Unzip” the files by going into the folder, and copying the file, then pasting it onto your desktop. When you have done that, go into your control panel and then to fonts. Drag, or copy & paste the font from your desktop, into the Fonts section. This will now appear in your fonts in publisher, word etc! See- I told you it was easy!

4. Wording and Design: Choosing the wording for your invite can be difficult. We wanted ours to be fairly relaxed to reflect the feel of the wedding. It was also trickier for us because my parents aren’t together so I couldn’t /didn’t want to go for the traditional wording of having “Mr and Mrs Smith invite you to the wedding of their daughter…” Also- the invite was not from my parents- it was from me! So I thought I would bring it up to date. I really had no idea where to start, so literally googled wedding invites, and looked at the images for some inspiration. This post was also super helpful: Invite wording ideas & tips. The wording I went for is:

Together with their families

name & name

are delighted to invite


to their wedding on


at (time)________


On the reverse of the card I included:

  • RSVP address and date
  • Details of parking at the venue
  • Details about the food

I tried to keep this as simple as possible. I didn’t want to get bogged down in providing hotel and taxi numbers, although most people do. I just thought, if I was going to a wedding and wanted a taxi number or hotel, I would certainly google it!

When placing your text, make sure you leave enough space at the top of your card, to stick to doily on. I left roughly 4.5 cm.

5. Practice to see how it will print: It is always a  good idea to do a “practice run” on your invites. If you have spent money on the special card, I would certainly practice on some cheap card or even paper. Check it looks how you want it to, check the wording is straight and that all the grammar/ spelling is correct. Also double check that you have left enough space at the top for the paper doily.

6. Print the cards: If you are 100% happy with the way they look and all the finer details, get printing! I most definitely put this off until the last minute, I was afraid something would change. But when I finally got printing, I was pretty excited,and really happy with how they came out.

7. Bring on the doilies: The final thing to do is stick on your doilies. To do this I used the afore-mentioned glue. I placed the individual doily onto some newspaper, and sprayed the back of the doily with the glue. It is then necessary to wait about 30 seconds for the glue to become “tacky”, after this, carefully place  the doily on the top of your card.

I then waited for the glue to dry, and then took the scissors and cut along the top of the card. Be careful to cut only the doily, and not the card itself.

Once you have done this, your invites are complete! Ready to be named and sent (gathering everyone’s addresses is your next task…!)

If you have any questions or want some further tips, please let me know in the comments section below.

happy making! xxx


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