M O T H E R’ S- D A Y- F R A M E

Well this isn’t wedding related but can be used for any occasion really. My Mum LOVES scrabble so for ages I thought I should order her a scrabble frame…then I thought it would be more personal if I made it myself. It was very simple and enjoyable to make.

First I purchased the box frame from the Range:


 The Range White Box Frame

These were really reasonably priced and come in varying sizes. I found it hard to find them better priced elsewhere. I checked Hobbycraft, and Wilkinsons.

The scrabble letters I ordered on eBay:


 Ebay 100 Wooden Scrabble Letters

Although I did find these in the works-


The Works Wooden Letters

To compare, the Works ones are a lot thinner in depth and also come with sticky pads on the back. The eBay ones are thicker in depth and look a lot more like real scrabble letters. However they don’t come with sticky pads.

At £2.00 for 52 letters or £2.64 for 100, it was definitely more reasonable to get them on eBay, even if I had to wait for them to come from Hong Kong! I played around with the letters to decide what I could write and what would fit in the frame:


Next I had to choose my background- I bought one of these cute pads also from the Range: papercraft

The Range Paper Craft Design Pad

They each have loads of different prints in. I went with a gorgeous floral print that I thought my Mum would like. It turned out that the paper was the perfect size to fit into the frame which was great. I stuck the floral paper onto the cardboard that came inside the frame to give it extra strength. I let that dry, and then started to glue the letters on,using a ruler to make sure I glued them straight.


I used simple PVA glue, taking care not to put too much on otherwise it would squidge out the sides!


I left it to dry,and then put a recipe book on top of it to put some pressure so it would stick properly. Happy with the result,the next day I popped it into the frame and voila:-)



Happy making!!


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